Taking quality
To the next level

New Concisa has been working on cephalopods and other frozen food products for more than three decades.
We work every day, combining our efforts and enthusiasm, with the aim of offering a quality product, always taking into consideration effective commercial services.
By combining quality and effectiveness, the fundamental objective of New Concisa was born.

The best products
from the sea

We produce and sell the widest selection of products.
Cephalopods, fish and ready-made dishes, all of them made with the best raw materials.

Guaranteed quality

In order to offer safe and high-quality products to consumers, as well as to assure the complete satisfaction of our customers, in New Concisa we establish working procedures based on quality control.

New Concisa

is the chief aim


Find the widest range on the market

In New Concisa we continually research to develop and add new products.

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View our products